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Welcome to the blog page. Here you can ask questions and touch base with me and have a chat.

I have been collecting Non Sports Trading Cards since I was 8, all the way back in 1978. Some of the first cards set I collected were Original 1977 Star Wars, Buck Rogers and Indiana Jones. I wish I still had those cards. It would be lovely to reminise every now and then, grab them out, touch and smell them. It wasn't until around 2000-2001 that I again started to collect cards again. Are you old enough to remember writin out your card lists, spares & wants. Using photo copies of those lists to send through the post to like collectors. Those were the days.

I now have 10's of 1000's of spare cards and in an attempt to get as many of them to you I have created similar lists to those I created back in the day before the technology revolution changed everything with the invention of the computer.

So, what I have done is. All of my more expensive cards (generally valued above $25) are listed within my spreadsheets but also listed in my main product pages. Those listings will also include images. The lesser valued items, which take too much time to scan and list for their value are included in my Google Doc sheets. Just because the aren' valued high doesn't mean they still aren't sort after.

Here is a Master Copy Link of all my Spreadsheets.

Within that link you will find all my "current" listings. I have many 1000's of cards yet to be added, so check back regularly to see my new additions.

If you have any enquiries please don't hesitate contacting me (Geoff) at

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